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are focused on being child-centered, highly integrated and offers enhanced learning for their students. The best education for your children is essential that the set curriculum provides them with a variety of learning opportunities and experiences that are based on assessment information from their strenth and needs. We have been working professionally to give a borad spectrum learning skills that support or average student in: achiening ecellent speaking, readking and writing skills, developing a groomed personality with a disciplined life style.

Our Success Story

Our Vision

Provision of an environment conducive to learning where all our students can succeed and become responsible contributing members of the society tarbiyah based education system is comprised of intellectual, physical and spiritual development and aims at providing our future generations with basic Islamic and modern education with in “Quran” to produce professionals, scholars and experts.

Tarbiyah approach strikes the right balance between the universal needs of all students and developed a holistic vision and integrated approach to education that seeks to nurture the character and inner spirit of students. Proper Islamic tarbiyah is like tying a string from your child’s heart to the “Quran” and “Sunnah

Honour Code

  • I will always keep my school neat and clean.
  • I will Treat my selft and others with care and wisdom.
  • I will always be truthful, honest and fair with others.
  • I have the responsibilty to make it a good and calm place for Tarbiyah.
  • I will use self control in my, deeds and language,
  • I take oath for its well being and make sure its protection.

Director’s Message

The Tarbiyah School is a private sector educational initiative that seeks to integrate modern edcation with Islamic knowlege and values. Our ais is to achieve Right Islamic Values for society and dedicate teaching’s methods. We have set five long terms Onjectives to achieve the vision:

  • Prepare our students and staff for success in this life and the next.
  • Promote Islamic education including science and information Technology in our society.
  • Introduce the Tarbiyah international curriculum to a wider circle of families.
  • Groom a new generation of Muslim educators.
  • Instill to love for Allah in our students and staff

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