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Tarbiyah-Based Education

Provision of an environment conducive to learning where all our students can succeed and become responsible contributing members of the society tarbiyah based education system is comprised of intellectual, physical and spiritual development and aims at providing our future generations with basic Islamic and modern education with in “Quran” to produce professionals, scholars and experts.
Tarbiyah approach strikes the right balance between the universal needs of all students and developed a holistic vision and integrated approach to education that seeks to nurture the character and inner spirit of students. Proper Islamic tarbiyah is like tying a string from your child’s heart to the “Quran” and “Sunnah”

Comprehensive Curriculum 

Blending Islamic principles and modern education for holistic student development

Ongoing Support and Training

Continuous guidance ensures excellence in educational practices.

Brand Recognition and Reputation

Established reputation attracts students, fostering franchise growth and success

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We are introducing Franchise School System at the national level, an educational institution where we will facilitate education as well as memorization of the Holy Quran.
Initially we will give priority to education up to primary level. Then gradually as the institution grows we will move it up to the middle level.
Our first effort is to associate our franchisor and the qualified people who coach our organization with an award-winning educational institution by following the organization’s policies to a high level.

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Comprehensive Educational Programs

Comprehensive Educational Programs

Comprehensive Training and Development

Comprehensive Training and Development

Robust Parental Involvement Initiatives

Robust Parental Involvement Initiatives

Community Outreach and Collaboration

Community Outreach and Collaboration

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